I'm Danielle

I am a 5'2" ball of energy and I love snuggles with my dogs and large cups of coffee! 

A few things you may not know: I am super enthusiastic, bubbly, goofy, I love to laugh, I will hug you when I first meet you, I will absolutely sing and dance to pretty much every song at your reception (I am obsessed with dancing), and I love to make people happy. I feel at my best when I am serving people, adding joy to their lives and making them realize just how fabulous they are.

I didn't always know I wanted to be a photographer, but looking back now, I could totally put the puzzle pieces together. I used to set up photo shoots with my friends, we'd put flowers in our hair and I'd pose and direct them. I was always taking a camera to school to document moments and I'd take all my cameras to Target to get the film developed so I could put every photo in an album. To this day, I still have all of those photo albums! Turns out, I've always been passionate about capturing moments and preserving memories.

I am inspired by light, color, love and movement. I love creating opportunities for my couples to have fun with each other, to let loose, and I'm an expert at making them feel comfortable on camera. As for my style, my images are warm, colorful, crisp, playful and romantic.

When I'm not capturing stories with my camera you can probably find me...

Hiking and adventuring with my puppers

Hanging out with my girlfriends at the coffee shop

Throwing out all the dance moves at concerts

In the kitchen

In the gym

Ruckus and Ransom are Vizslas (Hungarian Pointers) which means they have TONS of energy. They are so good about keeping me active and reminding me to live in the moment! We live on 18 acres in Texas so we walk the property with them every day and when the weather is nice, we take them paddle boarding! We also live part time in Colorado and we're always adventuring to the mountains with them

I am a huge supporter of local businesses, especially coffee shops! My girlfriends and I make it a priority to meet up for coffee and spend time together pretty much every week. Our social girl time is important to us!

My Fiancé, Colt and I are super into music and going to live shows is an important part of our lives! We love to let loose and just dance like we don't give a ...

I LOVE cooking and baking, especially for other people. I actually love it so much I wish I had more time to devote to it. Getting creative in the kitchen and creating a yummy meal for people I love makes me feel all warm and fuzzy.

I saw this quote on a sticker and fell in love with it - "I workout because I love my body, not because I hate it." Not only do I love how the gym makes my mind and body feel, but I love the community of encouraging people I get to spend time with at my workouts.